Tutoring Services for Elementary School Students in San Diego

San Diego Tutoring Services for Elementary School Students

It is never too early to get a student the tutoring help they need. If your elementary school student is struggling and falling behind, help them find a path to success with tutoring services from Avanza Education in San Diego. Schedule a free assessment today by calling 1-877-5-AVANZA.


Expert Elementary School Tutors

We don’t let just anybody become an elementary school tutor. We have a rigorous training and approval program to make sure that your child interacts with expert tutors who have the experience and education needed to make sure the student thrives. Not only that, they know what tutoring methods work well with small children, customizing their technique in order to get the best result for each individual.


1st Through 5th Grade Tutoring

The team at Avanza Education has expert tutors for students in 1st through 5th grade, providing students with the knowledge and study skills they need to thrive.


1st Grade Tutoring

Our tutors work with 1st graders to make sure they build a knowledge base that will create a foundation for their scholarly pursuits to come. We help your child build confidence and familiarity with the basics of mathematics and language arts.


2nd Grade Tutoring

Help your child keep up with the pack when it comes to math, language arts, and science in 2nd grade. It is essential to help students get a firm grasp of the curriculum at a young age to ensure future success.


3rd Grade Tutoring

3rd grade is an important year for young students, as lessons begin to become more in-depth and complicated, helping students develop more complex thinking patterns. If your child is struggling in 3rd grade, we can help!


4th Grade Tutoring

Our tutors work with 4th-grade students to not only help them complete homework assignments and learn difficult concepts, but we also want to facilitate confidence and successful study skills.


5th Grade Tutoring

As school gets more complex in 5th grade, our tutors work to teach new concepts by reinforcing the fundamentals. Without a strong base of fundamentals, it can be very difficult to learn more complicated theories and ideas.


Contact Avanza Education for a San Diego Elementary School Tutor

If your child in elementary school is struggling, Avanza Education can help. We specialize in getting students in 1st through 5th grade ready to succeed in elementary school, developing a custom approach for each and every student. For more information or to schedule a free assessment, contact Avanza Education by calling 1-877-5-AVANZA.