Bring SAT and ACT Online Test Prep to Your Classroom

Self-Paced, Online SAT and ACT Test Prep in Your Classroom

Help your students reach their goals with this self-paced service from Avanza Education. Our easy-to-use, online program offers the perfect way to help the students at your school fulfill their potential and perform their very best when taking the SAT and ACT.


Online SAT and ACT Test Prep for Schools in Southern California

The self-paced service we offer at Avanza Education can perfectly fit into any curriculum. Our online test prep for the SAT and ACT is designed for teachers, as it is broken up into short, 15-minute sessions. This allows teachers to squeeze in some essential test prep whenever they have downtime, enabling their students to become subject experts and boost their SAT and ACT scores.

We Provide Schools ACT and SAT Practice Tests

Practice is the best way to reach your goal, no matter the task. That is why Avanza Education is proud to offer classrooms practice tests for both the SAT and ACT. One of the best ways to get a great score on the ACT and SAT is to take practice tests, and we offer a safe and comfortable environment to practice for the big day.


Expert Advice on How to Best Prepare Your Students for the ACT and SAT

Our test prep experts will consult with teachers to provide them with tips on how to best prepare their students for the SAT and ACT. We can help to develop a custom program that will best reach your students at an affordable price.

Contact Avanza Education for More Information on School Test Prep

Avanza Education specializes in getting students ready for the SAT and ACT. If you are interested in integrating Avanza Education’s self-paced service into your school’s curriculum, contact us today! We can work with you to find a program that fits your budget and schedule.


We want the best for your child so Avanza believes in providing the best tutor and tools available to help teach our students towards a solid education and long term lasting success. Each child is unique and we make learning personal. It all starts with our Avanza 5 STAR System.