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Online SAT and ACT Test Prep from Avanza Education

Avanza Education offers self-paced, online test preparation, so that students can get ready for the SAT or ACT from the comfort of their own homes. Gain one full year of access to our expert online test prep course for only $149.


The Benefits of an Online SAT and ACT Test Prep Course

Preparing for the SAT and ACT is a grueling process. For many students, it can feel like the biggest test of their lives, and the results can greatly impact their future. That is why it is important to find the best test prep for each individual. One size does not fit all, as various test preparation methods have pros and cons. Here are some of the benefits of opting for an online test prep course instead of, or even in addition to, in-person classes and tutoring.

The Self-Paced Service Will Work Around Your Schedule

Life as a high schooler can get busy, quick. Between homework, athletics and after-school extracurriculars, free time can become hard to come by. Add in a weekly test prep course or tutor, and suddenly that glimmer of free time vanishes into thin air. The perk of online test prep is that it can be organized around the student’s schedule in easy-to-manage, 15-minute intervals. Take control of your student’s schedule with a self-paced service from Avanza Education. There is a total of 25 hours of preparation each for the ACT and SAT, and you can schedule that time over whatever time period you so choose.


Improve Your SAT and ACT Test Scores

This self-paced test prep for ACT and SAT service has proven results. We have a large sample of students who have shown that the program works and will increase the student’s score. Studies show that just fifteen minutes a day can improve SAT scores as much as 120 points and ACT scores as much as 3 points!

Our SAT and ACT Online Test Prep is Crafted by Experts

All students have a different learning style. That is why we have a testing expert look at each and every student to craft the very best test method for that individual. Our online test prep is incredibly hands-on, and we have experts working to meticulously to make sure every detail is perfect.


Online, Self-Paced Service is Available on Smartphones and Tablets

We cater to a lifestyle on the go with a mobile-friendly design. The student can access the self-paced service from their iPhone, Android, iPad or Tablet. Have a couple spare moments in a waiting room or car ride? Pull out a mobile device and get to work on mastering the ACT or SAT.


A Checklist of Tasks to Accomplish With Time Estimates

We have a created a test prep checklist with busy students in mind. The self-paced service has lessons that are in easy-to-digest, 5-minute blocks, followed by a short quiz. The quiz will have immediate feedback, helping the student improve immediately and learn how to do better in the future. The feedback will include a short video, audio clip and written explanation, giving the test-taker multiple options based on their learning style.


On Demand Quizzes to Address Weak Spots

Everyone has a weak spot, be it math, English or something else. That is why it is great that online test prep from Avanza Education offers on-demand quizzes to help students tackle concepts and portions of the test that are giving them trouble.


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