1-on-1 SAT & ACT Tutoring in San Diego

1-on-1 Tutoring for SAT and ACT Test Preparation

Reach your full potential and dominate the SAT or ACT with 1-on-1 tutoring in San Diego from Avanza Education. Our team of test preparation tutors are experts in the field and ready to adapt to any student.


1-on-1, In-Person SAT and ACT Tutoring

Look to Avanza Education for the very best SAT and ACT tutoring and test prep. Our expert tutors have years of training in test taking methodology for both the SAT and ACT and are dedicated to providing the support that each student needs to succeed.


We understand that no two students are alike, and with these differences comes a difference in learning style. With that in mind, our tutors have a fluid test prep curriculum that will constantly change and evolve in order to best mesh with the students individual needs. Our SAT and ACT experts can adjust the pace in which we go through test prep and change the content we use in order to best reach the student.


We also offer a flexible schedule for our 1-on-1 ACT and SAT test preparation. We understand how hectic a high school student’s schedule can get, and that is why we offer the ability to reschedule an appointment at any time. Students are not required to commit to a standing appointment every week at the exact same time. Avanza Education is proud to offer SAT and ACT tutoring whenever is most convenient for you!

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Avanza Education is dedicated to getting students ready for the SAT and ACT. We want every student to reach their goals and get into their dream college, so we offer only the very best test preparation, including our in-person, 1-on-1 tutoring programs. Get a head start on test prep today by contacting Avanza Education.