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Private Tutoring & Test Prep in San Diego

At Avanza Education, we provide customized, private and group tutoring for students of all ages. Whether it’s assistance with SAT or ACT test prep, science, AP science, math, AP math, reading, study skills, algebra, geometry, or calculus, we’ll match you with a tutor who has expertise in your area of need. We’ll then create a detailed program tailored to the students learning style and academic goals. Our teachers are carefully vetted and our methods have helped hundreds of students improve their grades, test scores, and develop a love of learning.

Our Avanza Elite Five Star System

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The Assessment stage consists of an assessment of a student’s current academic level. The tutor works closely with the student to discover specific challenge areas as well as the student’s preferred learning style.

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During the planning stage, the parent, student and tutor collectively determine the priorities and goals of the student. A learning plan is established in order to maximize each individual session, and a timeline is established to track objective completion.

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During the teaching stage, the tutor begins instruction, and the student begins to internalize the skills and concepts necessary for his/her continued success. The teacher utilizes a number of teaching strategies to convey information in an accessible way so that material can be easily digested.

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During the practice stage, the teacher reiterates concepts through practice exercise that are rooted in the child’s preferred learning style. The teacher allows for some independent skill practice to help develop mastery.

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The teacher reviews previous lessons to ensure understanding. The teacher employs a variety of assessment techniques to ensure that concepts are completely internalized.

Self-Paced, Online ACT & SAT Test Prep (New!)

Get ready for the ACT or SAT on your own schedule with self-paced test prep and tutoring from Avanza Education. We bring ACT and SAT test prep to you, allowing you to get expert tutoring from the comfort of your own home. Our online test prep has been custom curated by experts, featuring all of the tips and tricks to master the test and get into the college of your dreams! The self-paced tutoring service from Avanza Education has helped hundreds of students ace the SAT or ACT, paving a path for their future success.

Quality Local Leadership

Avanza is owned and operated by former local teachers. Avanza cares about the community and children they serve. High standards of integrity, honesty, and respect are pillars that Avanza strives to set for its staff, students, and community.

The Best Teachers

Avanza tutors are highly motivated and trained degreed professionals with a passion for teaching.

Giving Back to Communities We Serve

Avanza Education is a proud partner of local businesses, school districts, day cares, and community services. Avanza donates a portion of its profits back local nonprofits.

Students & Parents  Us

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Avanza Education elite programs

Elite Tutoring Programs

  • Avanza offers success centered One-on-One Tutoring in all subjects, grades, and learning levels.

  • Avanza Five STAR SAT / ACT Course is results based small group instruction, one-to one, hybrid or online individualized for guaranteed success.

Avanza Education best tutors in San Diego

Access the Best Tutors

Our local highly qualified and most highly compensated tutors, are the best in the industry. Our tutors are not contracted, like most other tutoring services, they are employees, therefore, must abide by Avanza Education’s rigorous quality guidelines and formal training.
Avanza Education individualized curriculum

Individualized Curriculum

We value personalized attention.  Our programs are customized to the unique needs of your child. Our tutors build from our premier Common Core State accepted assessments and material along with your child’s classroom work, to guarantee the most amazing results.
Avanza Education flexible schedule

High Level Flexibility

Schedule your courses anytime, anywhere, even online.  Our tutors work around your schedule, mornings, evenings, weekends, even sick days.
results driven success

Results Driven Success

  • Our tutors communicate with your child’s classroom teacher and use our own State of California accepted standards based assessment as bench marks to guide your child towards real results.
  • Our students show at least a 25% improvement in post assessment scores and school grades after just 2 months of tutoring.